02/01/06 Update

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Since my HEI fix last year, the Probe has ran great. Well, on 1/28/2006 at 68,923 miles, it would not start again. 1 year, 2 months, 20 days and 5,545 miles later.

Of course, I immediatly suspect the Hack I did so I wiggle the wires a little. Oops, guess I forgot to solder a connection last year, fix it.

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No help. For $14, I replace the HEI. Oops, guess I forgot to solder another connection, fix that one too.

Again no help. Check for spark. Yep, no spark. Next, try the easy stuff. New spark plugs, nope. New plug wires, nope. Dang, still no spark. Now it's something hard. Double check the wiring for the hack, all looks good now.

Check the primary on the coil, it's a little high at 1.6 Ohms, should be about 1.0. I need to check the secondary, this requires pulling the distributor cap off which requires removing the air box. All the stuff I didn't want to do last year.

The secondary looks good at 14k Ohms, it should be between 10k and 18k. Well, it has to be the coil. I could get a new from Autozone for $90. They also sell a complete re-manufactured distributor for $150 + $60 refundable deposit for the core. Their website does not have any pictures of the parts, so I don't really know what I want. I go down and they have them in stock. When I see the re-man part, I can tell it is what I need. It has the coil, ignitor, etc all in one. The same thing Ford was selling for $850. I decided to get the whole thing and not have to risk taking everything apart again. And not dealing with 'impact drivers' and other tricky details.

The new distributor has to be put back in the exact same spot as the other one or else I would need to get the timing adjusted at a shop somewhere. To facilitate this, I used a pencil point and measured how far in it went into this gap. You can see the yellow paint from the pencil.

I got a new cap and rotor as well. Here you can see the rotor only goes on one way.

Getting the old one out was rather easy. Here you can see that it is keyed on this side as well so it can only go in one way.

Getting the new one in was a bit more difficult. A little engine oil on the o-ring and a little help from Mr. Rubber Mallet eventually got the job done.

I reconnected the original wires to use the internal transistor and put heatshrink over the Hack wires.


It started on the first crank! Once again Bon is amazed.

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